From the Hills of Kentucky to the Tarheel state.....

"My rule is, if it's not moving, monogram it"--Reece Witherspoon

Being from the South, we all know that this quote is more than just a's a way of life. Raised in Kentucky, my mom made sure I had the cutest clothes, sometimes making them herself, and that they all were monogrammed with the most beautiful colors and styles. My love for monogramming began then and grew as I became an adult. As my children got older, I missed having things monogrammed for them....boys don't seem to embrace the monograms as they get older. Now I have three beautiful nieces to teach my love of all things monogrammed! Beginning with a small, single needle machine on the kitchen table and a lot of YouTube instructional videos, I quickly realized that this was something I not only wanted to pursue, but that gave me challenges and brought me so much joy. I quickly realized that my kitchen table wasn't nearly big enough for my ambition, so I quickly transformed the dining room into our "creating space". Now armed with a lot more space, and two machines big enough to handle anything I can throw at them, Adding on vinyl designs was just the icing on the cake and allows me to create larger, sports related items for my boys.  I find that the two ways to personalize items for my customers, allows everyone to find something they love.  I love finding new and interesting ways for my customers to create a special item that they will love for years to come.

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